Hello! I'm a web professional.

I pursue strategy, experience design, service design and multi-device, socially-validated, ecosystem-aware solutions that help online businesses succeed.

The Basics

I work with you one on one to understand your target audience and business goals. I can take care of the entire process from domain name acquistion to hosting & SEO, and I help you establish and grow your presence online by creating a professional website that's built for your specific needs.

Upgrades and Maintenance

My professional websites are expertly coded using the latest standards-based technologies, ensuring the site meets your needs today, and can accommodate emerging web technology and the changing needs of your business and your customers in the future.

Experience Design

I do an analysis of your site to see what usability elements can be improved, then use a combination of tactics based on a core strategy of content generation to increase conversion and traffic to your site. I engineer well-architected websites that invite exploration and entice user action.



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